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reportedly killed more than a hundred injured in a train derailment in india. authorities expect that number to rise as they sift through the wreckage. now back to "predator raw." >>> we keep getting guys on the schedule a couple hours out. as it gets closer, something changes their mind. and that's what's been going on. that's why i'm not giving you updates on guys, because as the time approaches they keep bailing out. >> perverted justice decoys have been chatting with a number of men right around greenville and in darke county. and there came a point saturday where they just started going away. >> the word's out around here. greenville is having a chat where these guys stop talking. >> the detectives later speculated that somehow word got out around town, that our investigation was compromised. >> anybody that does surveillance knows it's sit and wait. ten seconds of action, four hours of boredom. >> people were getting a little cagey inside the house, wondering what was going on, how badly was it compromised? you know, how far out did people know what was going on? there was a lot of pac
in india. authorities expect the number to rise sifting through wreckage. >>> and president obama will be back at the negotiating table with members of congress tonight. the debt limit deadline is just more than three weeks away. back to "blind justice." >>> the fact that john sutton was alive at all after that mystery invader killed his wife and shot him in the face was a medical marvel, frankly. the rest of the news was not so good. when he was finally able to talk, sutton received a visit from police detectives. susan, police discovered, had been having an affair with sutton's law partner, teddy montoto. >> it's upsetting. i'm not excusing teddy. i'm not excusing anybody. so i don't focus on that. i can't change it. i can't change any of this. it's like a bad dream. >> but then the dream got worse. teddy was a possible murder suspect. >> one of the homicide detectives related to me that there had been a problem with the polygraph. >> because he was actually a suspect. >> i suspect so. anybody that was probably anywhere near me was a suspect. >> but as sutton was absorbing the n
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2